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Re: File Containers suggestions

Posted: 24.05.2012, 23:06
by Dreamer
4. OK, so the file container content is auto-saved now, so this option is not needed, but then also the button "Save file container" is useless. :?

Regarding the virtual/real mode - that's right, so here are possible solutions:

7. Options in the main FC settings dialog:
(o) Virtual mode
( ) Real mode
and perhaps also ( ) "Ask mode"

Virtual mode should be set by default and in this mode delete (button, Del key..) should remove the file from container only, copy should copy the file and move should be disabled or the file should be copied and then only removed from the container.

Real mode is clear and the "ask mode" would display dialog with the 3 buttons (for delete):
- delete the file(s) from disk
- remove the file(s) from file container
- cancel

In this case the background color should be normal for the real mode and different for the virtual mode.

8. New suggestions - since the container is a virtual place, I'd change few address bar items:
- drive icon >> file container icon
- path "D:\...\TmpFileContainer-1.fcc" >> "TmpFileContainer-1"
- save container icon >> useless? remove?
- copy path button function copies only the container path >> copy the real file path instead

Regarding the name, what about calling it "container" only? I still think the "file container" is incorrect and it should be changed.

Regarding the "Quick file container" - I have suggested this option because the access to file container is not good, there's only one option which opens the new container each time (and the content of other containers is stored unnecessarily) - and one option to go to containers folder, but then we have to locate, select and enter that container manually, so no 1-click access to one container. I think this is very important, it should be possible to create a button in favorite tools with the path of one file container, but most users would never find this way.

Now the "Container Panel" idea - it's good, but we should find the easy way to implement it. It would be the third file list panel and it's not supported yet - possible problems are the "tab" key function, F5, F6, swap panels, compare... So perhaps something like the quick view, any ideas?

P.S. There is still one danger bug in the build 593 - delete in container without warning when using the Windows operation for delete! Reported in the beta bug reports.

Re: File Containers suggestions

Posted: 24.05.2012, 23:18
by JohnFredC
Indeed, a bi-state property of the file container would be good... defined when the container is initialized (with the default value probably being "virtual") but also selectable by the user at any time via a property setting.

Re: File Containers suggestions

Posted: 25.05.2012, 02:16
by BGM
4. Yes, "save file container" *would* be useless if FC's autosave were accessible in the options panel. It is necessary to be able to save FC's settings when it loses focus. Especially if FC crashes - you don't get a chance to click the save button, and "autosave on close" never happens.

7. virtual mode / real mode.
What about this - make the file container always virtual until you click on a "commit" button. Then you don't need two modes. You do whatever you want in the virtual mode. There would be "remove" which removes a file from being affected by the commit action, and then there is "delete" - which would mark the file for deletion - this can be signified by underlining the file name or putting it into italics (or the manner of marking it could be set in the options). When you click "commit" the file actions happen.

In this way there is only a single mode. You could see the state of the entire container. Nothing at all happens until you say commit. Now you can just set the background colour just like the file panels if you want to - and you don't need to tell folks that the colour indicates something in particular.

However, I am thinking of this still as a separate panel (which isn't implemented). But this seems simple to understand. If you have to convert a file-panel into something else, then you have to remember you are in container mode. A special panel just for the container would eliminate the confusion - and again, it could be available to both file panels without using one up.

8. If we use a "drive" icon for the container, I recommend that it show on the far right side of the drive bar - whilst the drives show on the far left - and with a little toolbar separator, too. That would help distinguish the "drive".

Good idea - make the file-path show the path of the file container - But if you used a third panel, you wouldn't need to use a full-blown address bar - you would just need a combobox selector for your containers.

I don't have a problem with "container" - but if we go with the separate panel and the "commit" button - I think "virtual container" would name it very effectively.

The Quick File container - honestly, I don't use the quick launcher because it is not always visible. If that launcher would show in its own panel like the new favourites panel does, I would use it alot. But still, what is the difference between using the quick launch and just configuring buttons in your toolbar? As for the container - I'll never use it if it works like the quick launcher. I want the option to make every command and panel viewable at once. That is how I work. I won't ever remember all that hidden stuff, much less use it.

By the way, what happens to a file in the file container if you move the original?

Re: File Containers suggestions

Posted: 25.05.2012, 23:39
by Dreamer
7. The problem of a "commit" button is that sometimes we need to remove few files and then delete the files from disk, if you know what I mean...

8. I think a different (container) icon would be enough.
what is the difference between using the quick launch and just configuring buttons in your toolbar?
You have to create a new favorite tool button with the path of the file container and there is no way to use the custom shortcut to enter the quick container. Most users, perhaps all except those reading this topic don't even know about this possibility.

What I want is the toolbar button and customizable keyboard shortcut to enter the quick file container - 1-click access, then copy the files there, use it (copy) and close it. Currently it's quite complicated and the normal users just use the new container option and the new containers are created all the time without any reason - they are not needed for most users...

More features for quick file containers would be:
- drag and drop the items to a toolbar button/icon to "copy" the items to quick container
- change the container toolbar icon - empty/filled (similar to recycle bin)
- empty container on right click menu (similar to recycle bin)
- properties, to open the options dialog with option for virtual/real mode and others (similar to recycle bin)
- toggle function to open the quick container / go to last used folder

By the way, what happens to a file in the file container if you move the original?
Just try it. :wink: The item is removed from container (needs refresh).

Re: File Containers suggestions

Posted: 26.05.2012, 15:23
by BGM
Oh - I didn't intend to compare the use of a container as quick-launch alongside of the toolbar buttons. I meant to offer the comparison of the launcher to using toolbar buttons.

Post edited, reason - off topic, PM sent. -Dreamer