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Request: Autohide panel toolbars for mouse users

Posted: 18.09.2012, 14:51
by JohnFredC
I am a big fan of the panel toolbars and use them constantly. However, there are so many buttons on my XE toolbars (all of them useful, I might add) that IMO the window looks a bit cluttered.

Since toolbars are mostly for mouse users anyway, perhaps some of the toolbars could have an autohide option? Mousing over the toolbar area would redisplay the toolbar for a short period.

This option would simplify the appearance of the XE interface without removing the convenience of the buttons for mouse users.

For instance, here is my current setup:

Not too bad, but it could be simplified further (with mouse-over redisplaying the toolbar):

This is not a "big deal", but it certainly would be nice!

...and as always, thanks for listening and thanks for such an excellent file manager!