lot many fc folders in temp.

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lot many fc folders in temp.

#1 Post by vsrawat » 30.09.2012, 13:23

I am using E:\TEMP for fc

I find
FreeCommander3924 21/9/12
FreeCommander3976 30/9/12
FreeCommander4576 14/9/12

I also found one such folder probably FreeCommander2992 11/9/12 in e:\fc where I have stored my settings and is my backup folder.

Why doesn't it delete temp folder while creating a new folder for its use.

I think there is an option in setting to del such settings in exit, but I have not selected it, may be some half work is pending on close, that will be completed on next run of fc.

Also, I suggest that fc should create one FreeCommander folder in temp, and should all all its work within that fc folder, instead of creating so many new folders each time in temp.


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