give separate option for "Auto refresh on rename"

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give separate option for "Auto refresh on rename"

#1 Post by vsrawat » 30.09.2012, 13:44

currently, fc clubs "Auto refresh on create, delete, rename". same action is performed on all 3 operations.

While, refresh on delete or create will not do a lot of jumping - delete will switch to immediate next file, create will jump to the file being created", it is inconvenient when we are "renaming" several files in one go.

as soon as we rename one file, it refreshes and the file goes somewhere away that suits its new name, so we have to manually go back to previous location to rename next file, and then then entire thing happens again. it becomes quite effortful for renaming 5-10 files in one go.

I think you might consider giving a separate "refresh" option for file rename.

I guess windows explorer also doesn't jump while renaming file, we need to manually refresh after renaming all files, that is convenient enough.


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Re: give separate option for "Auto refresh on rename"

#2 Post by miketurn1234 » 03.06.2014, 01:32

Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has solved this problem.

I agree, the setting contains quite a few different options all linked into one.

It would be nice to turn off auto sort (auto refresh) for renaming, this is one of the main reasons why I have abandoned the Windows 7 File Explorer which has no way of turning off the feature at all.

Also within this setting is the ability to send new files to the bottom of your file list, so when you create a new file or unzip an archive the files all appear at the bottom, which I like, but when you disable the setting it turns this off with it.

Would be great to have all these settings seperate.
If anyone knows a way around this please let me know.

Thank You

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