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boolean search

#1 Post by sdb » 13.12.2012, 18:13

one feature that is miss is boolean search.

eg. instead of "mozart aria" search for "mozart" OR "aria" or

"mozart" AND "aria"

boolean is a feature with it search engines became popular.

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Re: boolean search

#2 Post by SkoubyeWan » 16.03.2013, 09:56

I want to second the request for a boolean "AND" in both the quick filter and regular filters. Filtering with OR is fine, but AND allows you to narrow a large number of files very quickly when you know words in the file name but not their order. Ideally the quick filter would have AND set as the default and a space between words would be treated as an AND with each word surrounded by *. Then you could just type and it would narrow down to just the files you wanted very quickly. This type of filtering could also be an option in the settings.

Alternatively, a plugin that would allow filtering utilizing a program like Locate32 would be even more functional.

Thank you for the wonderful program and all of your efforts.

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Re: boolean search

#3 Post by CalUWxBill » 05.05.2013, 07:08

Hi, I've been using the FreeCommander XE public version. Maybe its already possible but I'd like to be able to combine named filters through boolean operations. For instance I have two filters, one filters titles for a certain regular expression and the other filters by file type. But I want both conditions to be met without needing to create a new filter.

I have uses for combining several filters together perhaps even nested boolean operations (this AND that) OR (this2 AND that2)

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