How to Synchronize a write-protected drive?

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How to Synchronize a write-protected drive?

#1 Post by BGM » 29.01.2013, 17:03

We have here a flash drive that has become corrupted. We purchased a new one and copied the last backup to the new drive, but I am sure that there are a few newer files still on the old drive.

Old drive: Y:
New drive: Z:

Now, the old drive thinks it is write-protected, but it ain't.
Also, some files won't copy at all, even with Roadkill's Unstoppable Copier (it gets stopped!).
I want to use FC to synchronize everything that is newer from Y: to Z:.
Problem is that the "Synchronize" command is grayed out in the Folder menu.

Am I missing something, or is could it be grayed out because Y is write-protected. Shouldn't I be able to at least synchronize one direction?
(Windows 7 Professional 64bit)

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Re: How to Synchronize a write-protected drive?

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 29.01.2013, 22:00

It seems to me that a write-protected drive should allow a read (copy). Perhaps the corruption has done more than simply "write protect" it, e.g. is preventing synch programs from interacting with it. Can you manually copy a file from it?

I wonder if FreeFileSync would work.

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