File Containers - delete vs. remove

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File Containers - delete vs. remove

#1 Post by Dreamer » 23.05.2014, 17:47

When using delete inside file container, real file is deleted, there is a confirm dialog, but I think it's mostly used to add many files from different location and then copy or move them to a new locasion in the other panel. Real deletion is less needed than just removing the items from container, so I suggest to...

Add a new dialog when using delete inside file container:

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Select the operation you want to perform:

[Remove from container only]* [Delete from disk and remove from container]*

[ ] Never ask again
* these should be the buttons, first one should be focused by default.

Or different dialog:

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Remove item(s) from container.

[ ] Delete also item(s) from disk

[ ] Never ask again
EDIT: This would be very useful to easily and quickly remove item(s) from container.

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Re: File Containers - delete vs. remove

#2 Post by JohnFredC » 06.06.2014, 16:33


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Re: File Containers - delete vs. remove

#3 Post by wrbird » 22.06.2014, 03:10


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