Regards on the new FTP addition to the latest beta :)

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Regards on the new FTP addition to the latest beta :)

#1 Post by omerfree » 02.03.2008, 09:32

Works very nice.

The only small exception I can think of right now is for FC to automatically resolve complete FTP addresses (e.g. and to extract the path (/public) from the entire address and cut it to the remote folder field in the "ftp connection" settings window.

Why is it important ? many times you just browse the net or sent a complete ftp address which already contains the remote path inside. You would like to paste the address directly and completely were the remote path is automatically extracted and cut into the appropriate field without the need to first paste the entire address into the "host address" field, then cut the remote path and paste it to the "remote path" field.

Cheers !

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#2 Post by Marek » 07.03.2008, 22:49

Thanks for your suggestion. In the current beta:
- define first default password for anonymose connection (settings)
- copy FTP addresse to clipboard
- open 'New FTP connection' from FTP pane
- click on connect

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