Suggestion: commands for cycling thru tabs in the LRU order

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Suggestion: commands for cycling thru tabs in the LRU order

#1 Post by vodoomoth » 03.04.2015, 07:43

I have asked for this in the past but the post is very old (three years exactly) and it applies to the old version. Therefore, I am making this suggestion/asking for the feature again.

Currently, as user Scott_Y put it so well back then, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab are shortcuts to reach the spatially adjacent tabs while the possibility exists to refer to the temporally adjacent tabs (I find it to be the case typically in tabbed text editors or IDEs such as TextPad, Notepad++, Eclipse, and Netbeans).

I believe a somewhat simple solution could be the creation of two new commands in the "Define keyboard shortcut" dialog. Currently, the shortcuts at hand are assigned to:
  • Tab: Next folder tab
  • Tab: Previous folder tab
I suggest the following two commands be added:
  • Tab: Cycle forward through visited tabs
  • Tab: Cycle backward through visited tabs
The wording can certainly be improved (for instance, Preferences>View>Folder tabs>Tab Management uses "last active" to refer to the last visited tabs) but the aim here is to allow new usages, for instance switching back and forth between two tabs in the same panel.


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