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small irritants

Posted: 08.03.2016, 19:18
by vsrawat
w8-32 bit
when we use F7 to create new folder,
we press f7, folder naming window opens, we type the name, press enter, window closes

but then the cursor focus switches to right side folder tree pane at the immediate top level folder above where new folder was created.
we have to unnecessary move back to the left side file pane.

Why should it switch focus to anything other than where we are working? It doesn't happen in windows explorer.

2. if we delete a folder by clicking at right pane folder name,
after that, the focus shifts to next higher level,
but the cursor sort of "winks" or "wriggles" several times, may be a dozen or so time,
as if it is reading entire information again from hdd, or some other curious thing it is doing.
entire window remains otherwise frozen in the meantime.

What exactly is happening? It doesn't happen in windows explorer.


Re: small irritants

Posted: 09.03.2016, 08:55
by Karol
What is your program version? It works fine for me with the current version 715/716.
The screenshot with your window layout would be helpful maybe.

Re: small irritants

Posted: 09.03.2016, 13:27
by vsrawat
It is XE 2016 build 716 32 bit public beta on w8.