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Theme for FreeCommander XE

#1 Post by joq » 29.09.2016, 05:39

I have tweaked the look and feel of Freecommander on Windows 7 a lot. I like dark themes. Suppose I wanted to copy the theme to another computer, or share it with other users, what is the best way to go about that?

It seems to me like this type of information is all in the "FreeCommander.ini" file, right? But there is also information there that I do not want to share.

Marek, do you have a list of which settings in the INI file affect the look and feel of the application?

(Assuming I got to the point of sharing the information, to incorporate that into another user's environment would, I guess, involve using a good diff tool, then...).


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Re: Theme for FreeCommander XE

#2 Post by Dreamer » 30.09.2016, 00:13

Hi Joakim,

please support my request here.

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