Copy folder structure without files

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Copy folder structure without files

#1 Post by DaPaleRider » 01.02.2017, 14:35


Is it possible to copy a file structure without the files that are included in the folders?



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Re: Copy folder structure without files

#2 Post by joq » 02.02.2017, 07:02

Hi Patrick,
I don't of any function in Freecommander itself for this, but it is easy enough to do without leaving the application

1. Go to the top of the tree structure that you want to copy.
2. Press CTRL + D to open a DOS box in that folder (alternatively select on the Tools menu select DOS Box...)
3. The command is

Code: Select all

xcopy /t /e . "C:\New Folder"

. = current directory (can be replaced by a folder path)
/t = Copies the subdirectory structure, but not the files
/e = Copies subdirectories, including any empty ones

That's it. Once you have done that perhaps you want to try:

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tree /a /f | clip get a nice printout of the folder structure, without the files, copied to your clipboard. Paste that into Notepad.



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