Features Request for the new FTP...

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Features Request for the new FTP...

#1 Post by mustard007 » 23.04.2008, 21:37

Hi !

I miss the option to send automatic command to the ftp server.

I need to send each time I connect to my server this command: OPTS UTF8 OFF. But now we don't have any place to put ftp command. (An automatic and a manual way would be great ;)

I need this because of caracters encoding with accent.

Thanks !

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#2 Post by efgerman » 26.04.2008, 15:48

Hello All!

The FTP addition was just awesome. I shall give Marek an extra donation just for that. :D

Anyway, while this is under development, I'd like to see it improved for Alt+V (folder compare) using, maybe for folder synchronization (Alt+S). Folder compare fails as most of us don't use GMT as current time. In my particular case, I'm always three hours behind my servers. It's somewhat difficult to update "new" files if I'm too quick on update them (files get server time and date when saved there so they are always 3 hours ahead my time). So, if freeCommander could use some sort of timezone offset it would be fantastic!

Synchronization is more difficult (I think) but it would be even greater. I'd like to see this functionality also extended to archive "folders" (zipfiles only, as CAB don't allow updating). 7-zip has this functionality already and I'm sure this will be a great improvement.

And before I forget, thanks Marek! You're making freeCommander yet better than it is already. :o

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#3 Post by Marek » 27.04.2008, 20:27

Please check the new option "Time zone difference in minutes".

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