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Multi rename - illegal characters substitution

Posted: 30.04.2008, 21:50
by ladur
There can be "illegal" characters for filenames in mp3 tags - <>:"\/|*?
It would be nice to have character substitution for such characters. The best way would be to have something like "translation table" with possibility to set another character for each illegal one.
This would prevent multi rename from no valid filenames.

Posted: 30.04.2008, 22:40
by Marek
Define e.g. for "Search for:" <|>|:|?|* and for "Replace with:" _|-|-|_|x

Posted: 01.05.2008, 08:30
by ladur
Thank You Marek, it works. Except | but it's definitely not very common character.

Posted: 04.05.2008, 22:53
by Dreamer
So the problem is solved?

Perhaps the illegal characters should be changed automatically, or there should be a separate option for these chars. with default replace characters "<|>|:|?|*" >> "_|-|-|_|x".