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Search dialog - switch tab with the shortcut still missing

Posted: 22.05.2008, 21:51
by Dreamer
Currently there is no way to switch the tab from "Location" to "Date" and "Attr/Size". In Windows there is a standard shortcut Ctrl+PageDown, could you add this shortcut also here, please?

Posted: 23.05.2008, 07:59
by Marek
What about Ctrl+Tab?

Posted: 23.05.2008, 22:18
by Dreamer
Oh thanks. I'm not sure if it's a new shortcut, but its' working. However, Ctrl+PageDown is a standard - this is what most users will be looking for, so could you add also Ctrl+PageDown (and Ctrl+PageUp for prev. tab) please? Or the option to change these shortcuts in "Keyboard shortcuts".