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Custom copy handlers?

Posted: 30.05.2008, 22:16
by kursad
It would eb very beneficial if FC could use custom copy handlers like supercopier or teracopy.
Teracopy normally attaches itself to explorer processes but supercopier does not and needs to run in the background. It would be very nice if FC could handle "custom" copy handlers that is different than what system is using ... ng=english


Posted: 31.05.2008, 12:59
by Fad
It can...have a look through this thread :) ... sc&start=0

I don`t know about the problems with teracopy, but I use supercopier here and it works just fine.

Posted: 31.05.2008, 16:26
by kursad
Thanks for pointing out. It looks like that is what I needed but none of that stuff works for me :(

Posted: 31.05.2008, 20:19
by Fad
Even SuperCopier ?

Does it work on the system on it`s own ?

and...did you definitely do this ?, I`ll just copy the last bit...
tell SuperCopier to handle the FreeCommander.exe process....

SuperCopier Config > Handled processes > Add...

Did you try that method ?

The FC window pops up first, but SuperCopier takes over when you click OK.

Posted: 31.05.2008, 23:09
by kursad
yup I tried all those. I am getting no luck

Posted: 01.06.2008, 09:58
by Fad
So, just to be clear......

Supercopier does NOT work even on it`s own ?

Are you using a 64bit OS ? It will not work on any of those, it hasn`t been compiled for that it says on the forum.

Also, I`m not sure if SuperCopier works under Vista, the forum is in French and I can`t understand it......

unless someone here can verify that it does ?

Posted: 01.06.2008, 15:57
by kursad
I am under 64bit os. All those handlers work fine if I run them independently.They just wont work if you copy paste inside 64 bit compiled explorer. But if you use 32 bit applications like FC they do work. For example
Teracopy can handle copy paste, it invokes itself. Supercopier cannot handle automaticaly at all. But the thing is that we are putting path to executables inside the FC ini file. So in this case it should not matter if it is 32 or 64 because supposedly when you use copy or move inside FC it should run the app even if it is not running and pass the arguments which is not happening here. I am using latest beta from May 23rd 2008.

Posted: 01.06.2008, 22:32
by Fad
I don`t know what can be the problem....

When I use SuperCopier here (under 32bit XP) I do not put anything in the ini file....

that`s all I know. :cry:

Posted: 01.06.2008, 22:57
by kursad
Yes under 32bit supercopier can handle all the file operations as long as its open. 64bit is a little different game because it has a special version of the shell