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File listing performance in latest betas

Posted: 15.06.2008, 06:48
by kursad

I feel like file listing speed has been degraded in recent betas. I am getting alot of visible "refreshes" while changing directories. I tend to remember that FC was pretty good at opening folders and listing files without making refreshing so obvious.

Does anyone else have same problem?

Posted: 22.06.2008, 02:31
by kursad
Marek, any word on this issue?

I am using it under 64bit xp and I have visible refreshes when I change folders. I do not remember having this in earlier betas or under previous version?

Posted: 23.06.2008, 00:06
by Marek
I think, I see no difference. What is your setting for system icons, extracted or registered?

Posted: 23.06.2008, 00:23
by kursad
Well, I never changed those settings. But they were at extracted so reverted them to registered. Performance is slightly better. But I am yet seeing visible refreshes which is little upleasant while browsing. I mean it happens quite fast but yet visible. This is worse when another program is in focus and I do alt-tab to FC.