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Inconsistent regex search with accentuated characters

Posted: 06.04.2019, 19:19
by Florent

I am trying to figure out why there are differences between file name search and content search when using regular expressions.
For instance to find "memo" or "mémo" in the content of text files, I can use the classical regex : "m(e|é)mo".
Whereas, to find "memo" or "mémo" in the file name, I have to use the cumbersome regex : "m(e|é)mo" (due to UTF-8 encoding).

I would like to know if there is a way (a parameter hidden somewhere maybe) to make the file name search work as the content search.

PS: I know that "memo;mémo" works when not using regex but this was just a simple example, I want to use regex for more complex searches