BUG: 806 - 64bit - The left panel columns are empty

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BUG: 806 - 64bit - The left panel columns are empty

#1 Post by Alecos » 08.11.2019, 11:30


By launching Freecommander 64bit (version 806) the left panel appears not populated while the same panel on the right correctly shows the columns... I see that it lacks "total size", "available space" and "type" ... the columns are empty on the left panel while on the right panel they are correctly populated... see you the attachments... the picture explains itself... I always use Frecommander as an administrator. Note, if I swap windows, Freecommander correctly shows both the left and the right panel.

To reproduce the bug:

1. Configure Freecommander so that I can be launched with administrator privileges
2. Double-click on FreeCommander icon on the Desktop
3. See the two panels, both left and right should show correctly "total size", "available space" and "type" but doesn't happen... only the right panel does...

Windows 1903 64bit version Home


FC x64bit.png
FC x64bit left columns.png
Windows 10 1903.png

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