FC 807

Bugs and issues - current donor version.
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FC 807

#1 Post by Ken_Cooper » 04.12.2019, 18:42


Just downloaded the x64 donor zip.

FC 806 was closed. Want to avoid any install issues with updating a program - while the old one is still running.

A personal precaution... :)

Windows_Explorer was then used to nav to extracted file and then run.

Used all the defaults. Final one was to read Changes and Launch FC.

Here's the error panel, I always get >

https://www.dropbox.com/s/imqbk1tn66ur5 ... r.jpg?dl=0

I close that panel, then just click on the Quick_Launch FC icon in the taskbar.


FC is the first program I run, when I start my computer each morning. UltraEdit is second, Firefox is third.

FC and UltraEdit - stay on all day. Use both of them a lot...


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Re: FC 807

#2 Post by Marek » 04.12.2019, 21:57

Do you have the message on each program start?

I would try the portable version. Simply unpack the portable archive in the folder e.g. c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE.
Start freecommander.exe from c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE.

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