Refreshing Constantly

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Refreshing Constantly

#1 Post by grant_cole12 » 28.04.2020, 09:50

Hi, Think I may have found an issue in the latest version 818 64 bit donor.

Note: I generally only use the portable versions of FC, I always use the latest versions and only use on my home computers, so not installed on a stick.

when updating to the most current version, I close the running Fc down, copy/paste the newer files over the older files and usually all is well.

This time I went from 816 to 818 and noticed that the free-commander now flashes every 1000ms just as it would if you was initiating the refresh button, this becomes annoying after a time. Tried closing every other program i had running just encase this was causing the issue, this didn't work. so as a last resort and to prove a point I copied the older files back again from version 816 64 bit Donor and sure enough this corrected the issue.

I don't no if this issue is present in the installer version of fc 818, as only use the portable version.

Kind Regards - Stay Safe
Still loving fc

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Re: Refreshing Constantly

#2 Post by Karol » 28.04.2020, 09:53

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Re: Refreshing Constantly

#3 Post by grant_cole12 » 28.04.2020, 10:41

Thanks, followed your link and carried out instructions

- close FreeCommander
- open the FreeCommander.ini file
- find the line with "TreeDynamicRefresh"
- change the value to 0: TreeDynamicRefresh=0
- save the ini file

Now I'm back to good working fc, no refreshing constantly

Kind Regards and stay safe :P

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Re: Refreshing Constantly

#4 Post by gordyfc » 30.04.2020, 14:54

Thank you, works for me as well.
That refresh is really annoying.

Thank you and Stay safe

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Re: Refreshing Constantly

#5 Post by _claude_ » 07.05.2020, 08:36

I have same issue on 810a 32b. Left panel dir (ALT+T) is constantly refreshed and selected dir blinks. I have this issue since many versions. But this TreeDynamicRefresh parameter doesn't exist in ini file under user\AppData\Local\FreeCommanderXE\Settings\. Do you know if it's exactly same issue and how to solve it ?
Can this be due to tortoise SVN or other software ? I try to disable refresh in preferences/display/ + ignore network drives but nothing works.
Best regards,

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Re: Refreshing Constantly

#6 Post by LordRoy5845 » 09.05.2020, 16:38

I also had the same problem of selected Folder flashing constantly. The solution to edit ini file worked fine and solved problem. Many thanks

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