818 - Quick viewer hot spot color issue

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818 - Quick viewer hot spot color issue

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.05.2020, 16:14

To reproduce:
- use default settings
- set Dark grey flat default color scheme (or other dark color scheme)
- open quick viewer for left panel, ctrl+q
= splitter color is white (or light grey)

I think this is wrong, because the other splitters have a dark grey color - main splitter, tree splitter, and favorites splitter.

- open Settings, F12 and click ok
- quick viewer splitter color is changed to dark grey - correct
- close and re-open quick viewer, press ctrl+q twice
= splitter color is changed to white again

It's another reason why I think it's a bug and the white color is wrong here.

Splitter color is better visible with the text files, or [..] item and using this option:
- Settings > view > viewer > align in panel > "top"

It's the same with the option "Splitter hot spot visible" for quick viewer.

FC 818 donor, Windows 10 1909.

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