822+810a - Thumbnail name issues with large font size

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822+810a - Thumbnail name issues with large font size

#1 Post by Dreamer » 13.06.2020, 13:55

To reproduce:
- use default settings
- switch to thumbnails view
- in test folder create folders with the names like this:

2020-01-01 - AAA - Aaaaa A Aaaaa Aaaa
2020-01-01 - Aaaaaa - Aaaaa
2020-01-01 - Aaaaaa - Aaaaa A Aaaaa Aaaa
2020-01-01 - Aaaaaaaaaaa

- in Settings > view > file/folder list > color/font - change font size to 12
- click the Apply button
- in Settings > view > thumbnails - set Spacing to X=10, Y=40
- click the Apply button
- all folder names show the name in 2 rows, so there is enough space for them, Settings dialog is still opened
- click the OK button
= some folder names show the name only in 1 row
= filename "Abcdefg" is shown as "Abcdef", 1 character is missing, even if there is enough space

- you can try Ctrl+R to refresh or F12, Enter
= folder names just blinks in 2 rows, then change to 1-row only (some)

There is enough space for the name in 2 rows.
It works good with the files, images names.
I'm using 100% OS zoom, so no extra zoom, no special high DPI options for FC.exe.

FC 822 donor+810a 32-bit public, Windows 10 1909.

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