822 - Windows 10 2004 font issues

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822 - Windows 10 2004 font issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 19.06.2020, 19:17

I checked this issue with the version 819, it's still the same, so it's probably caused by the new Windows 10 2004 update, it was OK before, with 822 and 819.

I check the Windows settings and the scale / zoom options are still set to 100%, no zoom.

To reproduce set the font for file list to Arial 12.

Few issues with column views, it was OK before 2004 update, changing the values in FC fix these issues.
It's the same with length item for videos.
fcwin2004fontissueScreenshot_06192020_201508.png (11.14 KiB) Viewed 142 times
Another issue, list view, FC folder, some items are not fully shown:
When I copy/paste one file, view is fixed:
Same issue with default settings + parameter /size=800x600, file list font Arial 12:
It's broken even with default settings, parameter /size=800x600, no need to change font, just press F9 to switch to List view and move the splitter left, if needed:
This issue can't be fixed. However, I can't reproduce it in other folders, just in the FC folder, it's weird.

FC 822 and 819 donor, Windows 10 2004 only.

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