823 - Minor tab color issue

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823 - Minor tab color issue

#1 Post by Dreamer » 13.07.2020, 22:55

To reproduce:
- use default settings
- use any color scheme with different color for file container tab, e.g. any "Very dark" scheme except "no colors" version
- switch to right panel
- create new tab to temporary disk (USB flash disk, network, or external disk, or just create a new folder) - and lock this tab
- create new file container tab - and lock this tab
- switch to left panel and restart FC
- remove drive for locked temporary path (or delete temp folder in explorer)
- go to file container tab in the right panel (if the focus is not there already)
- go to the "temporary" path tab
- error dialog is shown, correct
- focus is switched to the other tab - "temp" tab
= color for "temp" file tab is changed to orange color, like the file container color, even if the tab is a standard tab, non-file container tab

Possible the same when using any custom tab colors.

FC 823 donor, Windows 10 2004.

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