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825 - Edit multiple files (600+)

Posted: 25.07.2020, 23:56
by Dreamer
To reproduce:
- select 100-200 mp3 files
- press F4 to open them in mp3Tag
- files are opened in mp3Tag, correct

- select 600+ mp3 files
- press F4 to open them in mp3Tag
= files are NOT opened in mp3Tag, error dialog is opened "No application is associated with the specified file for this operation" and then large FreeCommander window with the path for mp3Tag.exe and the paths of all selected files

When I drag&drop 600+ files to mp3Tag, it works good.

The number of the files needed to get error dialog is not always the same, sometime it's also with 400+ or 500+ files, probably it's the limit for characters, but with drag&drop it works good, strange.

Same problem with F3 and foobar2000 as a viewer for mp3 files.

Tested with FC 825 64-bit donor portable, Windows 10 64-bit 2004, FC editor for mp3 files is mp3Tag.

Re: 825 - Edit multiple files (600+)

Posted: 31.07.2020, 14:17
by Marek
I think it is Windows (or maybe Mp3Tag) problem.
I have tested it with Windows Explorer:
- 1. window - 600 mp3 files
- 2. window - mp3tag install folder
- select all mp3 files
- drag the files on mp3tag.exe file
- error message appears (same as in FreeCommander)

If mp3tag is open and you drag files to mp3tag window - it works fine. So I think it is maybe Windows limit.

Re: 825 - Edit multiple files (600+)

Posted: 31.07.2020, 18:14
by Dreamer
I can open 800+ mp3 files in Explorer with Enter, they are added to Default playlist in AIMP - default program, as individual items.

In FC I can open the same way just 15 files, 16+ files are not opened correctly.

EDIT: Anyway, it's another bug, reported here:

796/825 - Opening multiple files at once (16+) - FreeCommander Forum

However, in Explorer there is no other way to open multiple files with a hotkey, than Enter.

But... If I set as default music player Mp3Tag or foobar2000, in Explorer select multiple files and press Enter, files are opened in WMP, probably a Windows bug.