826 - Non-blocking transfer copy/move issue - 2 panels

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826 - Non-blocking transfer copy/move issue - 2 panels

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.08.2020, 22:07

I just added this topic: 826 - Drag&drop using FreeCommander operation works!? - FreeCommander Forum

Anyway, found one bug.

To reproduce:
- use default settings, probably not needed
- in the Settings > File/folder operations > General tab set "Use FreeCommander" for Copy and Move.
- in the Settings > File/folder operations > Drag&drop tab disable the option "Use blocking transfer".
- set any path with the same drive, different path for left and right panel
- drag&drop any file or folder to the other panel - to free space
- red arrow icon is shown, it's used for "move" operation
- release the mouse button
= FC Copy dialog is shown (not Move)
- press the Run or Queue button
= item is copied to the other panel (it should be moved)

When using a different drive for the other panel, copy operation is used and it works good - and it's possible to hold Shift while dragging, to move and it works good in this case too.

OK, I found, that if I hold Shift while dragging, item is moved - correctly, if the same drive is on both panels.

EDIT: OK, so it looks it's the same, also if the option "Use blocking transfer" is enabled.

FC 826 64-bit donor portable, Windows 10 64-bit 2004.

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