827 - euro accents

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827 - euro accents

#1 Post by duan_majts » 18.08.2020, 08:47

Upon upgrading to 827 x64 characters using euro accents (czech.lng namely, but may apply to other languages as well) does not appear and rather "??" is shown instead. All over the program UI characters with accents are affected.

This bug did happened on update from 825 to 827 version of donor x64. Oddly enough on one particular tab that was targetting desktop characteres were show correctly until I did change the destination. Upon returning to the desktop again the acents were missing too.

Encounterd both on Win7 and Win10 both x64 system.

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Re: 827 - euro accents

#2 Post by Marek » 18.08.2020, 19:48

The czech.lng file was wrong, not saved in utf8.
Here is the right file (rename the file to czech.lng):
(122.06 KiB) Downloaded 78 times

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