828 - Layout glitches wildly upon exiting Settings

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828 - Layout glitches wildly upon exiting Settings

#1 Post by LadySaga » 11.09.2020, 23:10

FreeCommander XE 2020 --- Build: 828 64-bit donor
Windows 10 Home --- Version: 10.0.19041 Build 19041

I just became a donor today and decided to get the 64-bit version, and the newest one, instead of 810 32-bit public, and I've noticed a few problems.
One problem is with "fit to view" in viewer and quick viewer being broken, but that's posted in this separate post.
However, in this post I wanted to mention the other thing I noticed.
Closing the Settings window is.... very glitchy.

I did try it with my regular settings, and that TestSettings command line thing for a clean version with default settings and no plugins etc.
What I've noticed is that it seems to apply in all cases, but some details does make it better, or worse.

Warning: If you are sensitive to flashing/blinking/strobing stuff, yeah,these videos are... not good for you, especially the later ones

We start with the command line barebones default settings etc.
https://i.gyazo.com/d1f8528a76f07168943 ... 667a99.mp4
What we see here is pretty mild. There is a bit of icon flashing which is weird, and bothering, but at least it's not worse than that.
So... I wondered what it was that caused the crazy... and decided to just make 1 change to the current 100% default settings.

So what I did was this: View --> Favorites Tree.... nothing else, I just added the Fav tree, and let's see how that looks.
https://i.gyazo.com/69a4b540b1082634c6b ... 122a98.mp4
Yikes, okay something is really weird here. As we can see there are a lot more glitching here, and no longer is it just the icons flashing, but the splitter is jumping around a bit and things are starting to really freak out.

So how does it look in my actual installation, the one I usually run, -with- my settings and stuff.
https://i.gyazo.com/05b6dc67b589b2e4cc9 ... 4f9c8d.mp4
........Yeah that's not good at all, that's really weird and messed up.

So, my initial thought was that I messed some settings up when I upgraded from 810 32-bit public to 828 64-bit donor, but seeing that this flashy things happen with the default barebones settings as well showed me that it doesn't seem to be my settings, but something with the layout that is spazzing out when it has "too many" panels, which inthis case seem to be just 3... aka the tree, the panel,and the second panel.
I can also confirm the same with other 3-layouts such as:
Panel1/Panel2/QuickView - spazzes out
Tree/Panel1/Panel2 - spazzes out
Tree/Panel1-QuickView - spazzes out
Any of the above with QuickView set to either "One viewer for both panels" or "per panel" with Align set to right, left, top, bottom, bottom/right also spazzes out.

Using any setting with 2 panels, such as tree+panel, or panel1+panel2, or panel+quickview doesn't to the spazzy moves, but still does the flickering spazz such as in the first video with the default settings.

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