830 - Drag&drop tooltip name color issue

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830 - Drag&drop tooltip name color issue

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.10.2020, 14:11

This issue is quite strange, tooltip name color is almost unreadable, but only for some file types, videos, but when I rename the file, it's OK with the same file sometime.

To reproduce:
- use default options
- activate dark grey default color scheme, or any other dark color scheme
- disable option "Use blocking transfer"
- now drag the file to another panel (mp4, mkv or mpg)
= file name is almost unreadable

These extensions are mostly OK: avi, ts, mov, vob.
These extensions are mostly broken: mp4, mkv, mpg.

If you can't reproduce, try it with another file from different source.
FC tooltipnamecolorissue.png
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