830 - Selection background color issues

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830 - Selection background color issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 10.10.2020, 18:09

To reproduce:
- use default settings
- use NC mode
- use no color scheme, or Dark grey default
- use plain view, quick filter, or selected only
- select few items
= background color is white or dark grey, it should be transparent (not sure if it's possible*)

* Perhaps the new option is needed, like for Hot item "For selected item - use text color only".

- now go to right panel
- select few items
- go to left panel
= selected items on right panel have wrong background color, as in active panel (this can be fixed by changing the color "Selected item inactive list" from 96-96-96 to 90-90-90)
FC selectionbackcolor.png
FC selectionbackcolor.png (14.39 KiB) Viewed 4363 times
It's OK with my color schemes (by Dreamer), because they use also special background color for selection.

FC 830, Windows 10 2004.

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