Tree View pane: Sort style

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Tree View pane: Sort style

#1 Post by danielchung » 10.11.2020, 02:45

OS: Microsoft Windows 7, 64-bit
Version: FreeCommander 2020 build 831 donor, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Hi Marek,

Suppose you call the Tree View the "Tree View Pane" and the File and Folder List the "Content Pane".

For the "Content Pane", you can choose one of character sort, word sort, and natural (i.e. integer) sort.
For FreeCommander 2015, this sort style applies to the "Tree View Pane".
However for FreeCommand 2020 build 810, you need to set the "Show Links" in the "Tree View" config.
For FreeCommander 2020 build 831, you need to set the ".ini" item "TreeSortNodesType.

Is there a reason for the "Tree View Pane" to have a different sort setting,
or could it pick up the same setting as for the "Content Pane", as in FreeCommands 2015?


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