pdf file operations copy/move

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pdf file operations copy/move

#1 Post by vasonyg » 11.01.2021, 11:19

I use as my basic .pdf handling program using program ABBY and I have associate .pdf with ABBY. (In some rare cases I also use Acrobat Reader if I have no other option.)Using normally ABBY as I have learned, somehow Acrobat Reader opens/see? it in the backgound and uses it, without opening it - so after I close the file in abby and want copy/move it in a file manager (Free commander ) I can not. I see in the task manager that acrober reader is activ. Until I close it there I can not close or copy move the pdf. Some case even I have to restart my computer. Any suggestion . I use WIN 10 Pro. x64
Any suggestion?

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Re: pdf file operations copy/move

#2 Post by ralfso » 11.01.2021, 13:08

Do you have quick viewer or viewer open where acrobat ist showing a preview?
>>> don't use permanent preview
Some case even I have to restart my computer.
You can use taskmanager (ctrl & shift & esc) to end acrobat task.

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