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How to report a bug (Read before posting!)

Posted: 29.06.2013, 10:45
by Dreamer
If you have found a bug in FreeCommander XE (donor version), please report it in this forum (Bug Reports). Here are few hints:
  • Make sure you use the latest version of FreeCommander XE (if possible).
  • Report a bug only if it has appeared repeatedly.
  • Describe the steps to reproduce a bug (if possible).
  • Report the FreeCommander version and operating system. E.g. "FreeCommander XE 2019 Build 792 64-bit donor, Windows 10 64-bit 1809".
  • Sometimes it's useful to make a screenshot of the problem. You can use the integrated FreeCommander feature (menu > Tools > Desktop Snapshot), or one of many free tools available on the Internet, or just the integrated Windows feature - press PrintScreen to make a screenshot, then open any image editor, e.g. Paint, press Ctrl+V to paste, save it and upload it to , or for example. Do not place large screenshots in the forum, use the links, or thumbnails instead. Please use the English language for screenshots, you can use /Lng=English command line parameter.
  • The donor can send the request for upload possibility via e-mail.
  • Do not post bugs of the public versions here, use the "Bug reports" (public) forum instead.
  • Do not start the new topics in "Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests" forum.
  • Try to reproduce a bug with default settings and without plugins. To do this, use these command line parameters if you are using a standard setup version (your custom setting files will be preserved):
    /N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\TestSettings\FreeCommander.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
    When you need to restart or exit FreeCommander and start it with last used (test) settings, use these parameters:
    /N /Ini=%FcAppDataPath%\TestSettings\FreeCommander.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
    If you are using a portable version, you can use these command line parameters for default settings:
    /N /NewIni=%FcSrcPath%\TestSettings\FreeCommander.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
    These parameters to start with last used (test) setting in portable version:
    /N /Ini=%FcSrcPath%\TestSettings\FreeCommander.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
    If you are testing often, you can create desktop shortcuts with these parameters, or the favorite items in FreeCommander.
The "TestSettings" folder should not contain any other FreeCommander*.ini files.

Thank you.

Marek / Dreamer