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Editor parameter missing when invoked from search results

Posted: 06.11.2013, 11:42
by catweazle9
I'm using FreeCommander XE build 638.

In the Settings I've configured the editor to be emacsclient.exe, as follows:

Program: C:\emacs\bin\emacsclient.exe
Parameters: -n %ActiveItem%

When I invoke the editor (F4) from the main view, the selected file is shown in Emacs as expected and the command line (from sysinternals' Process Monitor) looks like:
"C:\emacs\bin\emacsclientw.exe" -n javaClientDetect.js

However, if I do a search and then invoke the editor (F4) from the search results, the '-n' parameter is not supplied and the command line looks like:
"C:\emacs\bin\emacsclient.exe" "C:\vsenoscan\4666\WebInterface\Impington\base\src\web\common\WebInterface\private\clientDetection\clientscripts\javaClientDetect.js"

(Note the missing '-n' parameter).

Can this easily be fixed, so that any parameters are also passed to the editor when invoking it from the search results?


--- John.