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642 - Combined selection with Ctrl and Shift keys

Posted: 23.11.2013, 22:16
by larsen
The following is possible by pressing the left mouse button, but doesn´t work when using space bar:

- Have some files
- Select the first one
- Press and hold Shift
- Select the third one
--> first bunch is selected, release Shift

- Press and hold Ctrl
- Select the 5th
- Press and hold Shift
- Select the 8th
--> second bunch is selected additionally

When you try to achieve this with the keyboard you cannot...
a) Select the first file, hold Ctrl, move the "cursor" to the third, hold Shift and press space bar -> Nothing happens; this works in Windows Explorer
b) When the first bunch is selected, select the 5th, hold Shift, move cursor down -> The first bunch of files is deselected; works in Explorer

I hope I could explain this good enough...