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Drive change doesn't work

Posted: 10.10.2007, 17:50
by Dreamer
Already reported via email, but I think I know the exact steps to reproduce and what option must be enabled.

To reproduce, you need 2 computers in the network, behind router, if possible. Use default settings + change this option:

"Settings > Drives > Show as Combo Box and Show free space"

- create a folder on computer #2
- enable sharing - "Share this folder on the network" (share name "Test")
- enable option "Allow network users to change my files"
- go to computer #1
- create shortcut with a path "\\SecondComputerName\Test" on disk D:
- enter this shortcut
- now press Alt+F1 and change drive to D: (or use a mouse to do it)
= it doesn't work, drive is not changed

I can always reproduce it with these steps and options.

I have had the same issue with "removable disk" (cell phone).

FC 2007.10.0.280, Winddows XP SP2.

Posted: 02.11.2007, 09:14
by elot
I have the same.
In the precious versions it was no problem.
Strange thing in my case is, that the Treewindow does change to the correct network drive. But the filewindows does not show anything except the prvious local directory.


Posted: 02.11.2007, 18:31
by Marek
Eric, I have uploaded a new beta. Please check and confirm if you can now open the drive.

Posted: 03.11.2007, 17:32
by Dreamer
Original bug (from the first post) has not been fixed in v293.

Posted: 05.11.2007, 11:11
by elot
Oh dear, i have posted the previous message in te Beta forum (i see it now), but i am not using the beta version.
I use 2007.10 release and cannot find a beta download.
I am willing to try the beta, but where do i have to download it.

Posted: 05.11.2007, 21:53
by Dreamer
Check the FAQ.

You can also delete your post and re-post in the correct forum.