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Slow copy/paste on Win7 (FC hooking to something)

Posted: 09.02.2015, 10:57
by kino
I'm having a "slow" issue on copying/moving on Windows 7 32b Ultimate (not on 64b at work) with FC tested up to beta 682.
Something in FC looks like hooking to some event of some sort because it hangs for a while (sometime as long as 30s) before giving back control.
The action, though, is effective immediately and I can see it while opening Windows explorer (I can actually open the moved/copied file way before control is given back in FC).
Also, it doesn't happen with the native Windows explorer but still happens when configuring FC to use Windows for moving/copying.
Do you know what FC could be waiting for ? (or what Windows might make it wait for)
I've tried digging the stack of several threads in procexp but it's pretty unintelligible to me.

Re: Slow copy/paste on Win7 (FC hooking to something)

Posted: 23.02.2015, 15:20
by kino
My problem seems to have little to do with FC although it doesn't happen with the common Windows file explorer.
Sysinternals Procmon revealed massive access to Recycle Bin whatever I was doing (copying, moving and of course deleting) ; weird ; Win wizs would probably understand why.
Emptying trash can solved it.

Re: Slow copy/paste on Win7 (FC hooking to something -> anti-virus)

Posted: 02.11.2017, 11:47
by kino

I've made some significant progress investigating that recurrent problem : it now is obvious to me that it relates to anti-virus software and some post-op hook (like post create, delete, copy files) that anti-virus subscribed to the os.

Facts :

- It happens with AVG as well as Avast (separately, needless to say : I only have one anti-virus installed at a time)
- I can spot some antivirus post-activity within procmon.exe (from Sysinternals) without it being clear about what is done
- It does *NOT* happen when I create/delete/copy through the native windows file explorer
- I ceases to happen when I totally uninstall AVG or Avast
- Nonetheless it still happens when I only desactivate AVG or Avast agent (I actually doubt those programs do completely shut down since some activity is seen post-ops and their main service is locked against shutdown)

Questions :

- have anyone experienced those unbearable latencies with FreeCommander operations ? (I'm talking about 10 secs sometimes !)
- why with FreeCommander and not Windows Exporer ?
- any way to unhook FC ops from anti-virus ?


Re: Slow copy/paste on Win7 (FC hooking to something)

Posted: 14.02.2018, 09:47
by JC2k8
Same here. FreeCommander hangs very often for 3 to 5 seconds after a paste or drag/drop operation. It doesn't matter whether the target directory is a local or network drive. This is quite often reproducible by simple selecting a file and pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the same directory. For some reason, a copy or move operation doesn't always reliably trigger this behavior.

However, trying to reliably reproduce this freeze I discovered that hiding the tree pane (ALT+T) or disabling 'Show overlay icons (SVN)' in Settings — View — Tree — Management completely removes the issue on my PC.

Currently using 32-bit build 771 on Windows 7, dual pane with single tree view. It's worth noting that neither Windows Explorer nor competitive products like MultiCommander, Double Commander, whatever else float your boat suffer from the same issue.