723 Clicking to rename

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723 Clicking to rename

#1 Post by m-a-r-k » 04.06.2016, 16:16

Anyone else having difficulty clicking on a filename in Details views to rename it?
I often have to click many times, sometimes easier to click away elsewhere then come back and try again.
Doesn't always happen. I have "Allow rename on slow double click" selected. It is far worse if this is unselected.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#2 Post by Zorkoff » 04.06.2016, 21:27

I also have noticed this problem starting in Release 723. I have to click the file name many times before rename works, but sometimes it works right away.

Several times I have had to use the F2 key to force rename.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#3 Post by m-a-r-k » 05.06.2016, 14:11

It's working perfectly today so far!
I keep forgetting about the Function keys - thanks for the reminder.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#4 Post by Rfine » 05.06.2016, 14:19

I have also experienced some issues clicking a filename in in details view when trying to rename or when selecting part of the filename to copy it. I noticed it the most with 722 and 723.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#5 Post by horst.epp » 05.06.2016, 16:03

No such problems here with Build 723 64-bit donor
A slow double click on the name always starts the rename function.
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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#6 Post by m-a-r-k » 21.06.2016, 18:53

I have this with 32- and 64-bit versions, Windows XP and Windows 7.
It is really bad at times, such as today, where no amount of clicking will select the filename.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#7 Post by Timon » 21.06.2016, 19:17

If you use NC-mode try to change Tools - Settings - Select items
- By click on (extension or) free space in label
text 'extension or' was changed in 724 version, in 723 forgot to mention it
Focus item (NC-mode only)

- By click on item icon
Focus item (NC-mode only)
New options were introduced, but users still click on any place they accustomed. After that your problems will disappear.

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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#8 Post by Underdog » 21.06.2016, 19:27

Not that I ever use double clicks for renaming, preferring F2, but slow double click doesn't work at all with 724, 64bit; doesn't matter if in list, detail or structurless views. I even set the Windows mouse double click speed at maximum to better accommodate slow double clicks.

Works only when using NC mode.
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Re: 723 Clicking to rename

#9 Post by Karol » 21.06.2016, 21:11

Slow double click works fine for me with one exception - in normal selection mode it is not possible to use the icon for slow double click (in Windows Explorer is the same).

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