FTP keeps defaulting to anonymous **OK Now**

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FTP keeps defaulting to anonymous **OK Now**

#1 Post by ronkrzy » 09.10.2016, 04:14

Using FTP successfully, but have to enter the username/password each time. Originally, it seemed to work, with the tools/ftp new connect showing the username/password selected in Settings:FTP. But now it isn't using that setting anymore, defaulting to anonymous all the time. Laborious to have to reenter all the time...easier to use Filezilla if I have to do that.

Using FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 716 64-bit donor version.


Update: OK, I know what is happening. I put FTP into the action bar, then the anonymous defaulted, even when not using the icon. However, when I deleted the action bar icon, the default picked up my settings change again. Is that a bug?

Update: After putting the FTP back in the action bar a second time, it is working fine. So...must have had something unset when I customized the action bar the first time. OK now.

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