copying folder with the same name in to a directory

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copying folder with the same name in to a directory

#1 Post by sdb » 16.11.2016, 13:39

it happened with my digitalcamera pictures.

I already had a folder named 110_Pana in the temp folder.

when taking new pictures on a formatted sdcard it created a new 110_Pana folder with different pictures on the sdcard.

however, when copying the 110_Pana folder to the harddrive directory it copied all new pictures into the preexisting 110_Pana folder.

It should have asked: "There already is a folder with that name. should I copy the files into that folder or should I create a new folder (with eg. and index like (1)"

-> when copying folders into directories with same named folders it does automatically copy files into these folders. However it should better asked if it is allowed to.

hmmmm, i used Settings/file, folder operations/General/copy/ use windows option activated. seems that this is a windows flaw. don't know... yea this is a windows insufficiency.

when use FreeCommander is activated (and not use windows) it asks if it should overwrite. But actually it could also ask to create (optionally) a new indexed folder.

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