730 - Quick preview - keyboard shortcuts don't work

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730 - Quick preview - keyboard shortcuts don't work

#1 Post by Dreamer » 26.11.2016, 15:04

- use default settings (possibly not needed)
- set the shortcut to "Set focus to quick view panel", Alt+Q for example
- go to folder with images
- use Ctrl+Q to enable quick view
- use Alt+Q to set focus to QV panel (or click within the QV panel)
- use any default shortcuts, e.g. zoom in/out - Shift+Alt+Num+/-
= it doesn't work at all

To view/change the shortcuts in quick preview, right click the title bar of the QV panel, choose Settings, and activate the "Shortcuts" tab.

All the shortcuts start with "Shift+Alt+", so they might work even if the quick view panel is inactive.

All in all, they should work at least if the QV panel is active, otherwise the usage of the QV is limited.

Workaround - Ctrl+wheel up/down to zoom works.

Tested with 730 32-bit public beta, 730 64-bit donor, Windows 10 64-bit Home.

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