Change of Drive During Copy Operation With Pause Failure

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Change of Drive During Copy Operation With Pause Failure

#1 Post by BGM » 17.02.2017, 16:56

Recently I tried to copy a large quantity of files to an external drive using FC's copy action. The drive was getting hot so I paused the copy operation. Then I turned the drive off so it could cool, and left the FC copy operation on pause.

When the drive cooled, I turned it back on and unpaused the job.
However, the copy started erroring out on everything - because! when I turned the drive back on it took a different drive letter.
So I tried to pause the copy job so I could restore the correct drive letter.
But it would not pause! Toggling the pause button would check/uncheck the pause box, but it had no effect.
So, while the copy window reported errors on hundreds of files, I reassigned the drive letters and as soon as the drive letters were correct, the pause button began to work.
The copy job finished just fine except for the hundreds of files that it missed due to the temporary missing destination path.

Now I have the copy window open with a list of errors - files that did not get copied.
AND I have no way to get the list of files into a list so I can recopy them.

1. The copy job, during pause, does not admit for me to alter the paths.
2. The pause job button has no effect if the job is in a state of error.

1. Fix the pause button when the job is in error
2. Provide a way to export a report.log file for the copy job - from the copy job window.
3. When the copy job encounters x errors in a row, provide a way for the user to interact with the job to fix parameters.
4. When the copy job is complete, provide a way for the user to deal with the files that were in error.
(Windows 7 Professional 64bit)

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