741 Thumbnails not shown when decorations are overlayed

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741 Thumbnails not shown when decorations are overlayed

#1 Post by mark_kingston » 21.02.2017, 21:33

The PicoScope software from https://www.picotech.com/download/softw ... 6_12_7.exe saves files that are not images, but they contain an thumbnail. The thumbnail shows correctly before the file is added to an SVN repository, but not afterwards. Once the file has been added to then only the TortoiseSVN decoration is visible and the thumbnail appears as just a white background.

The image below shows two files with similar names, the one with the visible thumbnail was created by a file copy-paste sequence (Ctrl-C followed by Ctrl-V) of the one with no thumbnail.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gplpzsddrrfke ... 9.png?dl=0

Note: The PicoScope software includes a Demo facility that allows the creation of 'psdata' file.

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