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[785] tab location lost

Posted: 24.10.2018, 16:50
by NumberOne
tab folder location is lost under certain circumstances.
to reproduce open a folder in a tab, close XE.
Now rename the folder (f) into (x) in Windows Explorer, open XE.

As the folder is not found a new tab is created. (why?)
After selecting the tab, a message pops up, close & reopen XE and notice the path location is lost:

I believe this is a severe issue - locking the tab to avoid this is not very intuitive - losing the information to a complex path should be avoided by all means. (the path itself is information)
This happens with USB drives UNC paths, mounted files, etc.

Other FM have approached this problem by showing a message and changing the icon to a questionmark:

Like this a network or USB path is not lost, the tab will work again when the network is up or when the thumb drive is re-attached.

Re: [785] tab location lost

Posted: 05.11.2018, 22:50
by NumberOne
can anyone confirm/reproduce this issue?

I believe this is a severe issue. why? for instance let's say you have a tab pointing to a important file/folder, consisting of a long path to a mounted network drive.
let's assume the drive letter changed for some reason. if you follow along with the video you probably will confirm the loss of information, as you no longer know where the important file/folder was located.
if you don't remember the file/folder exact name you might be in deep trouble. please upvote if you feel affected.