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Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 27.07.2019, 19:30
by Dreamer
What about option "Copy/move with vista and higher if "use FC" is active", which option are you using? Try "Use FreeCommander" option, or if you already using it, try "Use vista method for all drives".

Anyway, FC could be freezing like that when using Windows copy/move operations, this is strange for me.

You can try it with default settings, or send your settings to Marek via email.

Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 27.07.2019, 21:52
by emmguyot
The option was already set to "Use FreeCommander". I've just switched to vista / all drives.

I'll test it tomorrow.

I thank you for your help

Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 27.07.2019, 22:03
by Dreamer
You're welcome. I'm not sure if it will help, I think the FC option should be faster, but for deleting many files Windows option is faster, so perhaps it could work.

I still think it's strange, I just tried to copy about 3000 files and it was working good, tab switching, selecting, even thumbnails loading and it was fast. Anyway, 62000 is a different number...

You can try the default settings and set FC operation for copy/move.

Try to reproduce a bug with default settings and without plugins. To do this, use these command line parameters if you are using a standard setup version (your custom setting files will be preserved):
/N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
When you need to restart or exit FreeCommander and start it with last used (test) settings, use these parameters:
/N /Ini=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
If you are using a portable version, you can use these command line parameters for default settings:
/N /NewIni=%FcSrcPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English
These parameters to start with last used (test) setting in portable version:
/N /Ini=%FcSrcPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English

Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 28.07.2019, 14:26
by emmguyot

I've tested with the "Use vista method for all drives" and it's better : No Freeze.
Though, the process seems to be slow with a long period when I have the status : "En attente de la mise en service sur ..."
The copy by itself seems really slower than when using FC method.

Results for your tests :
1) With default settings : No problem > The windows window appears (Detecting files / Copying / ...) quickly
2) I've set back the copy operation to use the FreeCommander operation > It was quick too

So I've tested with my initial settings : No problem.

However, I think that these tests aren't totally relevant because of the windows cache (I copy from a network drive to a USB local hard drive).

This last test seems to reveal that problem may be somewhere else : Networks, windows globally, or whatever, ...
If I face again some problems, I'll tell you.

Thank you for your time.

Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 28.07.2019, 14:46
by Dreamer
emmguyot wrote:
28.07.2019, 14:26
(I copy from a network drive to a USB local hard drive)
This is quite important information!

When you copy from HDD/SSD to HDD/SSD is it OK?

For network, try to change these settings (not just the one highlighted)...

Is it possible to load the network faster?

Re: Window Freeze

Posted: 28.07.2019, 15:14
by emmguyot
Sorry to have forgotten this important information.

I haven't tried to copy such an amount of files from and to HDD.

About the network settings, it was already set.