Multi rename window draws slowly

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Multi rename window draws slowly

#1 Post by burndale » 25.05.2019, 13:14

Hi, very long-time user of FreeCommander.
Noticed a little issue in several of the recent beta versions which I have reproduced using the default settings as well as my usual configuration.

FreeCommanderXE beta 798 x64 portable, Windows 10 x64, i3770.

I keep my system running efficiently, and an old copy of FC 2009 I still use doesn't exhibit the same behaviour.

When choosing multi-rename, the window appears slowly, maybe a second or so - I know, first world problems but no-one else seems to have posted about it yet.
Multi-rename itself works fine, except it has this habit of putting the first named file last when completed eg 002,003,004,001, but that's another issue for another bug report!

Attached is a snapshot I was able to take while the window was being created on-screen;


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