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826+810a - Wrong focus/scrollbar/view position

Posted: 09.08.2020, 12:06
by Dreamer
You can try to reproduce it also with your images, copy the same number of folders/images as below, only if you can't reproduce it with your images.

To reproduce:
- use default settings (probably not needed)
- create small window, about 800x600 (it's reproducible also in maximized view, but much more subfolders must be created)
- in any folder create 30 subfolders with long names, with just few images, you can just copy/paste the same
- in the last 3 folders copy more images (tests from screenshots have 28 and 80)
- switch to thumbnails view
- go to 3rd subfolder from the end, then back and to 2nd from the end
= Position is in the middle, or end, not top, probably it depends on folder number and number of images (focus/selection is correctly at the [..] item, if I press the right arrow key, it moved to first image, just the scrollbar is at wrong position and view too)

If you can't reproduce, resize the window or copy/paste folders or images inside the subfolder.

Another issue, if I switch from thumbnails view to details view or list vew in a folder with many subfolders, position is not updated, correct item is focused/selected, but it's partly or completely off the visible view.
FC 826 64-bit donor portable, 810a 32-bit public , Windows 10 64-bit 2004.

Re: 826+810a - Wrong focus/scrollbar/view position

Posted: 19.09.2020, 00:01
by Dreamer
Fixed in 829, thanks, Marek.