Right click menu does not utilize the Dark Mode Theme of Windows 10

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Right click menu does not utilize the Dark Mode Theme of Windows 10

#1 Post by Forez » 15.10.2020, 22:00

I remember that there have been some issues / posts in the past about problems of menus being drawn in accordance with a dark theme of the operating system

Now using the Build 830 32-bit Public Beta I have apparently all the menus drawn in dark colors, thus in accordance to my theme of Windows 10

However if I right click on an item thus evoke the OS shell menu I get a bright menu. And that is staggering because if I open Explorer and right click in it, then I get will a proper dark menu. And what is more: If I in FC click an empty space in a folder, I get the shell menu of the FC drawn in dark colors. I am talking here about that FC right click menu which has the

Context menu...

entry in it- after clicking which the shell menu of the Windows will appear [in a bright mode]

So is this a bug or an a feature still not implemented in FC?

Also: if I click the

Tools > Settings

everything is in bright. Is this another bug or just simply something that would have to be taken care off by our dear developer?

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