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Unpack archive dialog issue

Posted: 22.12.2007, 16:36
by Dreamer
Copy the files inside a zip folder to the folder with the same files/folders inside - use F5 shortcut and disable option "[ ] Overwrite existing files". Dialog is shown. Press left arrow few times. Result is on the screenhot - more buttons are focused, also the message text (I have selected the text, there is just a cursor on the text, nothing is selected).


FC beta 309 and 2007.10a, Windows XP SP2

Posted: 04.05.2008, 20:45
by Dreamer
Still not fixed in R337. It's quite important issue...

Posted: 06.06.2008, 22:54
by Dreamer
Better, but...

- go to "No, all" button
- press left arrow key
= focus is not changed to "No" button

Posted: 08.06.2008, 22:27
by Dreamer
Still not fixed in R346, "No, All" has two positions, try to press right, or left several times to reproduce.

Posted: 22.06.2008, 14:30
by Dreamer